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Mid-life blues got you down? At Physicians Rejuvenation Centers men & women's clinic, we understand the aging process. After all, it's something we all experience – and for many people over age 35, the natural aging process comes hand-in-hand with a host of medical issues that steal some of the enjoyment out of life. The good news is that it doesn't have to be this way.

Bioidentical hormone therapy, also known as BHRT or HRT, offers an incredible solution, and one of our hormone balancing specialists will create a custom made plan to help you reclaim your life. Hormone levels decline as we age- that is just a fact of life. Hormone Replacement Therapy replenishes the hormones that decline as we age. Our medical staff assesses your individual needs through your blood work, (the blueprints of your body), a medical physical and your medical history. Our goal is to restore your body's hormones to their optimum levels by creating a customized medical plan specifically created for you. Our HRT services include treatment for Male Menopause, Low Testosterone(Low T) and HGH deficiency. Our goal is to have you functioning at your best.

Physician's Rejuvenation Centers requires:
• A physician's in-person evaluation of the patient
• A complete physical exam by a physician
• A medical history report
• A clinical assessment

Our customized hormone balancing plan will help you to:

• Revitalize your sex drive and energy
• Improve sexual performance
• Increase energy levels and feel revitalized
• Eliminate those troublesome hot flashes
• Stabilize and lift your mood
• Banish your brain fog and increase your focus

Potential therapeutic benefits of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. See The Benefits!


• Relieves symptoms of menopause
• Reduces hot flashes
• Boosts libido
• Improves brain function
• Help to prevent osteoporosis
• Protects against Alzheimer's Disease
• Increases female life expectancy
• Protects against coronary artery disease
• Improves skin & muscle tone

Growth Hormone (HGH)

• Increases energy
• Promotes healthier and more youthful skin
• Improves sleep quality
• Increases libido, sex drive and sexual performance
• Aids in tissue regrowth of the heart, liver & spleen
• Aids osteoporosis symptoms
• Improves immune function
• Improves cardiac function • Lowers cholesterol and blood pressure
• Reverses signs of aging
• Promotes wound healing
• Improves focus and memory


• Boosts male & female libido
• Helps lean muscles and increase muscle strength
• Encourages heart health
• Helps to prevent osteoporosis
• Progesterone
• Acts as a natural antidepressant & tranquilizer
• Improves female libido & enhance estrogen benefits
• Protects against uterine cancer
• Reduces PMS and menopausal symptoms
• Helps body to use fat, rather than store it
• Helps to prevent osteoporosis


• Restores sleep
• Reduce night time urination
• Treats jet lag
• Helps fight inflammation
• Acts as a powerful antioxidant
• May protect against degenerative diseases

If you're feeling fatigued and moody… If your middle seems to be getting just a bit thicker every year… If your libido is fading… If you just want to get your energy back and feel like yourself again… We can help!

Who is Helped by Bioidentical Hormone Therapy?

The human body naturally produces 17 hormones. Together, they regulate your immune system, metabolism, growth, and even behavior. When hormones are balanced and working together in harmony, you feel energized, healthy, sexy and alive. But when you experience unbalanced hormone levels or hormone loss, you just feel off


• Improves heart health and lowers cholesterol
• Slows the onset or progression of diabetes
• Favorably impacts arthritis
• Reverses declining mental activity


• Increases energy and eliminates fatigue
• Increases lean muscle mass
• Increases libido
• Reduces depression


• Precursor of all bioidentical hormones
• Improves coronary health
• Improves mood and brain function
• Helps protect against Alzheimer's Disease

Thyroid Hormone

• Controls cell growth & metabolism
• Helps to maintain a healthy weight
• Aids energy levels
• Aids concentration and focus
• Helps lift depression and improves mood

What is BHRT?

Hormone Replacement Therapy replenishes your natural hormones, solving deficiencies and bringing levels back into balance. Best of all, bioidentical hormones are naturally occurring hormones that are sourced from plants such as yam or soy – rather than synthesized in a lab using chemicals – so they're an exact match to your body's own hormones.

Unlike synthesized hormones, which only offer a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach, bioidentical hormones are customized to match your individual hormone needs, allowing your body to easily metabolize them so you receive all of the benefits. What are the Benefits of HRT?

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy offers a natural way to bring your hormones back into balance and alleviate the symptoms of aging that you've been experiencing. Treatment is effective, safe, and is designed just for you.

We use only bioidentical hormones in our HRT treatment. Compounding medicines allows our pharmacy to make up your prescription medications based on your specific needs. Restoring and replenishing your lost hormones will rejuvenate your energy levels, balance your moods, boost your immune system and bring you back to life.

At Physicians Rejuvenation Centers men & women's clinic, our team of hormone replacement specialists is here to help you take your life back. We offer a comprehensive range of HRT therapies for men and women, as well as a Medi-Spa and a primary care clinic for a seamless, simple, one-stop-shopping experience.

If you're looking for hormone replacement therapy, take the first step on the road to wellness and give us a call today at 954-703-4870.


• Relieves symptoms of menopause
• Reduces hot flashes
• Boosts libido
• Improves brain function
• Help to prevent osteoporosis
• Protects against Alzheimer's Disease
• Increases female life expectancy
• Protects against coronary artery disease
• Improves skin & muscle tone