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Hormone Replacement Therapy For Women

Hormone therapy for women can quickly change your life. It is possible, under a doctor's supervision, to rewind your body's clock. Using female hormone therapy can give you huge rewards.

Benefits of Female Hormone Therapy:

• Reduce hot flashes
• Reduce body fat
• Improve muscle tone
• Enhance sex drive
• Improve sleep
• Improve memory and concentration
• Prevent vaginal thinning & dryness
• Increase energy & reduce depression
• Improve the skin's elasticity
• Prevent osteoporosis

As your body's hormone levels decline, so does your youth and vitality. Over time, as these hormones are declining, you may notice that certain pleasures in life begin to fade away or disappear altogether. This can be devastating and leave you feeling depressed or hopeless. The amazing results of Hormone Replacement Therapy reverse this process. You can seek medical help to replenish these hormones and help you begin to feel like yourself again. You don't have to suffer from hot-flashes, loss of libido, lack of energy, insomnia and the depression that can accompany this normal process of aging.

In a matter of 1-2 weeks, our patients generally feel significant improvement in energy, motivation and overall happiness. Over a period of several months patients notice significant reductions in body fat, increased strength, improved sex drive and sexual function, and less aches and pains.

The average age of a woman going through menopause is 51, and many woman go through menopause even earlier. While the relief of menopause symptoms with Hormone Replacement Therapy for women are of particular interest, women also look towards Bioidentical Hormone Replacement to look younger as well. In fact, women who use hormone replacement therapy look up to 10 years younger then women who do not. With the increased interest in hormone therapy today, a recent study revealed that women who used Hormone Replacement Therapy were less likely to have high blood pressure and obesity issues. To learn more about the benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy, contact us today.