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Testosterone Pellet Therapy for Women

testosterone pellet therapy for woman

Thinking About Pellet Therapy? Your Guide from Physicians Rejuvenation Centers

Many women experience hormone imbalance issues like low energy, weight gain, and decreased libido as they age

While testosterone is often thought of as a male hormone, women also produce it – albeit at lower levels. Testosterone pellet therapy can help boost hormone levels for women experiencing both pre- and post-menopausal symptoms.    

Here’s a comprehensive guide on this little-known treatment: what it is, how it works, the pros and cons, and whether it might be right for you.

What Is Testosterone Pellet Therapy?

Testosterone pellet therapy involves implanting tiny pellets containing bioidentical testosterone under the skin. Each pellet, about the size of a grain of rice, releases low and steady amounts of testosterone over time – typically 3 to 6 months.     

This hormone replacement therapy aims to restore physiologic doses of testosterone to levels women had when younger. Unlike synthetic hormones, bioidentical testosterone has the same molecular structure as the hormones naturally produced in a woman’s body.  

How is Testosterone Pellet Therapy Administered?

A healthcare provider will numb the area with a local anesthetic and insert the pellets through a small incision. Most often, the pellets are placed into the hip or abdomen.  

Once inserted, the pellets release testosterone continuously into the body, avoiding the rollercoaster effects of creams or oral doses. Levels build gradually over a couple of months and remain steady until the pellets dissolve. Then they must be replaced during an office visit.

How Effective is Testosterone Pellet Therapy?

Studies show testosterone pellet therapy can improve mental clarity, energy levels, muscle mass, bone density and overall quality of life for women with symptomatic hormone imbalance.  

Many report relief from annoying hot flashes, vaginal dryness, weight gain, and low libido – symptoms that can negatively impact female patients’ health and happiness. Side effects are minimal for most women when administered in physiologic doses tailored to their individual needs.

How is the dosage determined?

The dosage of testosterone pellets for women is individualized based on several factors:

Based on weight: Heavier women typically need more testosterone to achieve the same physiological effect. As a general rule, 1-2 milligrams of testosterone per kilogram of body weight is recommended.   

Based on avoiding adverse effects: The dosage is titrated to improve symptoms while minimizing unwanted side effects like oily skin, acne, or excess facial hair growth. Start-low-and-go-slow is a good motto.

Based on individual response: Blood tests are used to monitor testosterone and estrogen levels, evaluating how a patient is responding to the current dosage. Adjustments are then made based on effectiveness and side effects.

The initial dosage is determined before the first pellet implantation, with follow-up visits to check hormone levels, monitor side effects and assess clinical response. Adjustments in dosage are then made accordingly for subsequent implantations.   

Healthcare providers aim to find the minimum effective dose that optimizes benefits without major drawbacks. This requires patience, trial and error, and close communication between the provider and patient.

Because evidence for testosterone pellet therapy in women is limited, the process of finding the right dose is more art than science. Some women need just one pellet to relieve symptoms, while others require higher doses. 

After the initial stabilization period, adjustments are typically made no more than once a year. Follow-up tests to monitor liver function and blood counts are also recommended on a regular basis during treatment.

What Are the Potential Benefits of Testosterone Pellet Therapy for Women?

Testosterone pellet therapy can offer many benefits for women experiencing low testosterone levels due to aging, menopause or other causes. Some of the most commonly reported benefits include:

Mood improvement: Many women report feeling happier and more optimistic after testosterone pellet therapy. This may be due to improved energy levels, sleep quality and sense of wellbeing.    

Increased energy: Higher testosterone levels can boost energy, motivation and stamina. Women often say they feel “more like their old self” and able to tackle tasks they previously avoided.   

Weight management: By boosting metabolism and increasing lean muscle mass, testosterone pellets may make it easier for women to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.

Improved libido: Low testosterone is a common cause of decreased sex drive in women. Pellet therapy has been shown to significantly improve libido, lubrication and sexual responsiveness in many women.  

Better sleep: Women often sleep more soundly and wake up feeling more refreshed after testosterone pellet therapy. This may be due to reduced symptoms of menopause like night sweats and insomnia.   

Stronger bones and muscles: Higher testosterone levels correlate with greater bone mineral density and muscle mass – two key factors in maintaining mobility, independence and quality of life as women age.   

Smoother skin/hair: Some women notice softer, younger-looking skin and healthier hair after getting testosterone levels optimized. This may be due to improved blood flow and collagen production stimulated by hormones.

What Are the Potential Risks?

Like any medical treatment, testosterone pellet therapy carries some risks. Side effects tend to be dose-dependent, so starting with a lower dosage and titrating up gradually can help minimize adverse effects. Still, some common risks to be aware of include:    

Weight gain: Though testosterone can aid weight loss by increasing muscle mass and metabolism, some women report initial weight gain due to water retention shortly after starting pellet therapy. This usually levels out over time.   

Acne: Like facial hair growth, excess testosterone can worsen acne in women prone to this condition. Starting with a lower dosage may help minimize this risk.

Mood changes: A small percentage of women experience depression, irritability or mood swings due to hormonal fluctuations during testosterone pellet therapy.  

See What Testosterone Pellets Can Do for You at Physicians Rejuvenation Centers

Are you experiencing symptoms of hormone imbalance like low energy, weight gain and decreased libido? Testosterone pellet therapy may be able to help – but it’s not for everyone.  

Our specialists at Physicians Rejuvenation Centers are experts at optimizing hormone levels through testosterone pellet therapy for women. We offer individualized assessments, conservative dosing strategies and proper monitoring to maximize benefits and minimize health risks.    

If you’re considering testosterone pellet therapy, start by scheduling a consultation with one of our hormone health practitioners. They can evaluate your specific symptoms, medical history and goals to determine if bioidentical hormone replacement is right for you.   

Contact us today at 561-783-5153 or click here to book your first appointment. Our team of health experts is ready to answer your questions and help you explore all options for effectively managing symptoms of hormone imbalance.