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Ready to love yourself again? Lose weight safely and effectively with our proven medically supervised weight loss program. Begin the journey to your new life today, and look forward to:

• Losing dress sizes
• Feeling healthier and dropping pounds of fat
• Increasing your confidence and self esteem
• Increasing your energy and finally overcoming the weight loss battle

The Benefits of Our Medical Weight Management Program:

• Metabolic monitoring by a Wellness HCA physician
• Goal setting
• Motivational support
• Personalized counseling
Your Physicians Rejuvenation Centers men & women's clinic physician helps you reach your weight loss goals effectively without starvation diets and exhausting workouts.

Why Choose Our Medical Weight Management Program?

Obesity has reached epidemic proportions in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Florida obesity rate in 2012 was 25%. This means one in four residents in Fort Lauderdale could be facing obesity. With these kinds of statistics it is easy to understand why more people are ditching their fad diets in place of a proven and medically based weight loss solution which will provide consistent and long lasting results. If you are like millions of Americans, diet and exercise alone do not take off weight quickly or easily. You struggle to lose every pound by enduring starvation diets, bland food and frenzied exercise routines. Worse still, the weight comes back the moment you resume your normal diet or stop exercising long enough to catch your breath.

Physicians Rejuvenation Centers men & women's clinic creates an individualized and comprehensive medically supervised weight management program that will help you lose your excess weight and keep it off. Physicians Rejuvenation Centers men & women's clinic provides proven weight loss solutions you can rely on to achieve results faster and with more success.

Not only will you feel healthier and have renewed energy and self confidence, through our specialized weight loss program you will receive all the ongoing support and encouragement you need to keep you motivated every step of the way until your desired goals are reached.

All About Medical Weight Loss Therapy

Medical weight management is a program supervised by a physician who has been specially trained to practice scientific techniques that help you lose body fat safely and efficiently. Physicians Rejuvenation Centers men & women's clinic physicians and professional staff combine firsthand support and expertise with a medical weight loss plan tailored to your specific needs. Our weight management program begins with a thorough medical examination and laboratory testing to look for any possible underlying causes of your current weight. Our weight loss experts will discuss any existing medical conditions and current medications, and then will conduct a series of tests to assess if a hormonal or metabolic condition could be affecting how your body burns fat.

We will then develop a tailor-made plan to optimize your weight loss efforts through a combination of diet, exercise, ongoing support and in certain cases appetite suppressants. Our weight loss program at Physicians Rejuvenation Centers men & women's clinic always includes:

• A comprehensive physical exam
• Prescription weight loss drugs when necessary
• Ongoing support and encouragement from our team

Start your weight loss transformation today by scheduling an appointment with one of our weight management specialists. You will be so glad you did. Do it for yourself. Do it for your family. Do it for the future you.